Seven Great Christian Gifts For Under $5

If you are shopping for a Christian friend, there are many gifts you can get that will really mean a lot to them. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

1. Used religious books. Put some time into searching used bookstores for high quality, Christian books. Many look brand new and no one will know even know they are used. Choose some of your favorite life-changing books and write a personalized letter to the recipient, describing what the book meant to you and why you are giving it to them. You can also keep an eye out for specific books that you know your family members and friends will like and save them for the future.

2. A picture of Jesus Christ. Pick up a nice, used picture frame from a thrift store or buy an unfinished one and paint it. Then, choose a favorite picture of Christ from a religious bookstore. Place it in the frame and your gift is complete. 

3. Flowers. There are many stores that sell older flowers for only a few dollars a bouquet. Once you find one you can go there often. Buy a vase from a thrift store and put the flowers inside. Make a beautiful tag with a few of your favorite Bible verses about nature (like Luke 12:27-28). 

4. Christian jewelry. There are all kinds of beautiful Christian pieces of jewelry out there. You could get a cross necklace or ring, prayer beads (if the person uses them), etc. They are easy to find on sale or used.

5. Time. Set up a fun, memorable "experience" you can have with the person you are giving the gift to. You can visit a place that means something to the two of you or do something new. Check out "free date" lists for some ideas. If you want to make it religious, offer to go to church or a church activity with them. 

6. Handmade soap. You can make some your own or you can buy some when it is on sale in local gift shops. You can even find "religious" soap in the shape of a cross or a lamb. Include a scripture about being clean, like Isaiah 1:18.

7. Recipes. Create a recipe book with a bunch of your favorite recipes. Include personal notes on each recipe, telling the recipient why you think they will enjoy that recipe. Make a list of your favorite scriptures about Jesus feeding the hungry (see Matthew 14:15-21 and John 21 for ideas). Many used bookstores have recipe books for a couple of dollars. 

As you spend a little time thinking about what your Christian friend might like, you will be able to find an inexpensive, meaningful gift for them. Good luck!