How People With Anxiety Can Seek Comfort In God

While strengthening your spirituality and relationship with God may not be a cure-all for your anxiety, it can certainly help some people manage their symptoms. Here are some habits you may want to incorporate into your life to strengthen your knowledge of God, find comfort in God, and reduce your anxiety levels. Adjust Your Attitude Towards Prayer One study conducted by Baylor University found that people who prayed to a loving and protective God were less likely to experience anxiety disorders. Read More 

How Can A Spiritual Guidance Learning Course Make You A Better Pastor?

Pastors have many roles within the church. They must serve as administrators and leaders. They must prepare sermons that will provoke thought and faith in their parishioners. Perhaps most importantly, pastors have a duty to provide spiritual guidance to the people they serve. Spiritual guidance doesn't come naturally to most people. Instead, it must be learned. Here are four ways a spiritual guidance learning program can prepare you to lead your congregation: Read More