How People With Anxiety Can Seek Comfort In God

While strengthening your spirituality and relationship with God may not be a cure-all for your anxiety, it can certainly help some people manage their symptoms. Here are some habits you may want to incorporate into your life to strengthen your knowledge of God, find comfort in God, and reduce your anxiety levels.

Adjust Your Attitude Towards Prayer

One study conducted by Baylor University found that people who prayed to a loving and protective God were less likely to experience anxiety disorders. They found that while religious affiliation was linked to better health habits, spiritual practices — like prayer and meditation — were helpful at regulating emotions. Keep in mind, however, how an individual approaches prayer is important. Some people may feel like they have unanswered prayers which could lead to more anxiety; however, when prayer is used as a way to express gratitude, meditate, and pour out your feelings, it can be more beneficial at easing your symptoms.

Take Walks and Enjoy God's Creations

Studies have shown that even spending 10 minutes outside in a green space can help you boost your mood and focus. Spending time outside can help you reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, which may feel elevated when you have symptoms of anxiety. As you sit in nature, you may want to be mindful of all the sounds, sights, and smells and you may want to read scripture verses about the majesty of God's creations.

Carve Out Time for Service

When you are feeling stressed out from symptoms of anxiety, the last thing you may want to do is reach out to others. However, serving others is not only a great way to manage your symptoms, but it can help you develop Christlike attributes. You don't need to commit to large service projects to start seeing benefits. Researchers found that people who performed small daily acts of kindness were less likely to feel stressed. There are many ways to serve, such as teaching people new skills, volunteering at local animal rescues/soup kitchens, donating to charity, etc.

Keep a Journal

It's easy to forget spiritual wisdom, so you may want to start keeping a journal of thoughts about uplifting scripture verses you've read, inspiring quotes you've found, things you are grateful for, etc. Like prayer, journaling can be a meditative opportunity to collect your thoughts and draw closer to God. Besides documenting spiritual thoughts and experiences, you can also track triggers for anxiety in your journal so you can better identify areas in your life that need more care.

If you suffer from anxiety, try one or all of these ideas to strengthen your spirituality and find comfort in God. To learn more about seeking comfort in God, contact a religious leader.