Why Take A Bible Prophecy Course Online?

The Bible is a record of God's people. It includes stories and historical accounts that are useful for the edification of all Christians. Many prophets appear in the Bible. If you'd like to learn more about Biblical prophecy, you can take an online course about this topic. Here are four reasons to take a Bible prophecy course online:

1. Learn about the prophets of the Bible

In Biblical times, God chose prophets to share his word. These prophets received special knowledge from God, which they were to share with others. Isaiah, Micah, Nahum, and Zephaniah were all prophets in ancient times. Each of these prophets had a message to share with a specific group of people. For instance, Isaiah had a message for the people of Israel. Other prophets spoke to different groups of people according to God's will. By learning about Biblical prophets, you can understand more about God's intention for the gift of prophecy.

2. Learn about the purpose of prophecy

God never does anything without reason. When God gives people the gift of prophecy, he does it to further his plan. In the Bible, prophecy is used to warn people away from wrongdoing. Prophecy is also used to share good news; the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind, was prophesied thousands of years before his birth. In a Bible prophecy class, you'll learn about the expectations God has for his chosen prophets.

3. Discover the responsibilities that come with spiritual gifts

The Bible offers records of many spiritual gifts, including the gift of prophecy. Continuationists believe that God's gifts are for all people, including people living in modern times. Christians today can be given the gift of prophecy as well. However, spiritual gifts come with responsibilities. If you believe that you have the gift of prophecy, you must learn how to use your gift for God's glory. A Bible prophecy class can help you accomplish that task. You'll learn about the importance of Biblical knowledge. Before you speak a prophecy aloud, you must study the Bible to ensure that your words align with God's words as written in the Bible. This careful adherence to scripture will ensure that you don't lead other Christians astray.

4. Connect with other Christians

The Christian life is not a solitary one. Christians are expected to help one another as part of a community. Connecting with other Christians can be difficult during the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, it's more important than ever that Christians rely on each other. An online Bible prophecy class will give you a way to safely connect with other Christians. By meeting through video chat and studying together, you can create strong bonds of friendship that will strengthen your faith in Christ.

If you are interested in a Bible prophecy online course, contact a religious education center.