Five Questions To Help You Determine Which Shamanic Retreat Is Right For You

Choosing a shamanic retreat can be difficult. There are many options available, which offer a wide variety of experiences. However, it is possible to narrow down your choices by asking yourself a few simple questions. 

What are your goals? 

There are many reasons you may want to attend a shamanic retreat. Some people want a deep, spiritual experience, others seek physical healing, others want psychological intervention including addiction therapy, and some people simply want to experience another culture. Most retreats focus on providing specific experiences, so it is important you know what type of experience you are looking for before you book a retreat. 

Are you open to trying various substances? 

Many shamanic retreats include taking various hallucinogenic substances such as ayahuasca, iboga, Kambo, or mescaline. However, other shamanic retreats focus on meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or sacred rituals. If you are looking to explore shamanic substances, it is important to figure out which substances you are open to trying, if any, and to find a retreat with plenty of experience guiding people through their usage.  

How long is the retreat? 

Shamanic retreats can vary in length from a weekend to multiple months. Most places offer a variety of lengths to fit your needs, but some places focus on short retreats, either a weekend or one week long, and do not offer longer stays at the retreat center. If you are interested in a longer retreat, ask if you can combine sessions or try to find a retreat that focuses on long-term stays. 

Do you want a personalized experience or a group experience? 

Some retreats offer small group or individual experiences. Others focus on larger group retreats. Group retreats tend to be less expensive and can be a less intimidating introduction to shamanism. However, individual or small group retreats can give you more one-on-one time with the shaman to help dive deeper into the experience. 

Are you able to travel? 

Many shamanic retreats are set in the wilderness of various Central and South American countries. However, in recent years many shamans have opened centers in the United States to provide experiences for Americans who are unable to travel. You may be able to find a retreat center in your state if you are unable to travel abroad. 

These basic questions will help you narrow down your search for an appropriate shamanic retreat. They can also help you ensure you will get the experience you want while at the retreat. For more information about private shamanic retreats, contact a local healing facility.