Rise And Shine On Sunday Morning: 4 Important Reasons To Get Back To Church This Week

If you're like a lot of other people in the country, especially millennials, you've developed the habit of skipping church more often. That may be because you're busier than ever or you're simply trying to be more spiritual in day-to-day living, rather than subscribe to a formal church, but whatever your reasons for leaving, there are good reasons to go back.

1. People Miss You

Especially if you have one group of people in your life you refer to as "church friends," they've probably been missing you in your absence. All too often, people attribute their busy lives to the reason they're not keeping up with friends as much, in person, anymore. Friends are good for your soul, especially the ones at church. Stay for coffee after the service and catch up on things. You might find yourself the center of attention as the congregation goes out of its way to greet you, which can really warm your heart.

2. Church Is Good For Your Health

Overall, going to church may lower your mortality rate by an impressive 55 percent, but there are many individual benefits you'll reap by attending, too, such as:

  • A release of stress, which is instantly enlightening and infinitely good for you.
  • A boost of self-esteem.
  • The positive energy from making (in-person, as opposed to electronic) personal connections.
  • The opportunity to let go of things you may be holding against yourself and others (forgiveness).
  • Possibly being able to lend someone else a hand, which can be more therapeutic than anything.

3. Christian Church Services Bring Families Together

Whether you have a spouse and a few children in your immediate home or a herd of local relatives, getting everyone to meet at church is also healthy for the family unit. Touching bases, sitting together, and simply doing something good for everyone can add sparks to relationships and strengthen bonds.

4. You Know You'll Feel Better After Going

Although it's sometimes hard to drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning when you don't have to, upon returning home, you're bound to feel really good about yourself and your life and, otherwise, be really glad you went. Maybe you'll make a social or personal connection that really changes your life, or maybe you'll feel blessed in more profound, less-verbal ways. No matter what though, you know the experience will do you (and anyone who has the pleasure of meeting you there) good.

While church may take a good portion of your Sunday away from you, it gives back a lot, too. Shuffle your weekend plans around to fit a Christian church service or two in, here and there. You'll likely be glad to see some familiar faces and enjoy the tranquil and thought-provoking time.